The final thing you would like to manage may be swollen gum. However, if your mouth is red or swollen, your gums are possibly the most issue holding you back. If you notice swelling around one tooth, it can be because of sanitary problems, gum sickness, or probably associate degree abscess.

  1. Sanitary problems

Typically, a swollen gum around one tooth is caused by improper brushing and flossing — you’re presupposed to brush and floss for 2 minutes, twice every day. If you don’t follow this rule, food will bog down in your mouth and cause decay and inflammation.

  1. Gum sickness

If you don’t adequately brush or floss your teeth, over time you’ll find yourself with gum sickness. consistent with the Centers for sickness management and hindrance, virtually 1/2 Americans thirty and older are struck by gum sickness.

  1. Abscess

An abscess typically comes from an associate degree untreated cavity (another reason why you would like to brush and floss each day!). The microorganism from associate degree untreated cavity spreads and affects your tooth and therefore the gums encompassing it. you’ll be able to find yourself losing the tooth if it’s left untreated, therefore see knowledgeable immediately!

To prevent swollen gums, brush and floss your teeth for 2 minutes, twice every day. And don’t forget to schedule regular cleanings and checkups together with your medical man.

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