We all apprehend that in older times folks accustomed brush their teeth with neem tree sticks rather than a toothbrush. Neem tree is certainly a awfully effective thanks to getting healthier teeth. The fiber content in it keeps plaque far from your teeth. The technique is extremely straightforward, you simply got to chew neem tree leaves and so right away got to rinse your mouth with water. Tree remains the standard to each medical condition in every family.

Baking soda
Baking soda is an associate degree antimicrobial agent. It’s alkali properties neutralizes the acids gift within the mouth and stop it by inflicting cavities and cavity. Dip a wet brush in sodium hydrogen carbonate and so brush your teeth with it. you would like to take care relating to brushing with sodium hydrogen carbonate because it will harm the enamel. you ought to brush with sodium hydrogen carbonate for a couple of days solely. Another fun reality is that sodium hydrogen carbonate conjointly whitens the teeth.

Eggshells have carbonate in it that removes the decay and refills the mineral back within the enamel. Clean the cover and boil it and so any dry it and grind it into powder. Add sodium hydrogen carbonate and oil to the powder and use it as a dentifrice. Keep the paste in associate degree air-packed instrumentation.

Wheatgrass could be a smart supply of axerophthol and E together with iron, calcium, and atomic number 12. it’s bactericide properties that forestall cavities and cavities. Drink a glass of grass juice or combine one a part of grass juice with vi components of water and rinse the mouth with it or directly chew grass if infected.

Lemons are wealthy in nourishment C; the acids gift in juice kill the germs and facilitate in easing pain caused by the cavities. you would like to stay a lemon in your mouth, chew it and so rinse your mouth with clean water.

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