What are silver fillings of teeth

Dental amalgam may be a common material want to fill cavities. Fillings created with amalgam are referred to as ‘silver fillings.’ Over the years, issues are raised concerning the employment of amalgam as a result of it contains mercury. Here are answers to some common questions about metal. What is amalgam? Amalgam may be a […]

Dental pulp disease: The basic

Primary contributes to symptomatic pulpitis area unit infection, inflammation and pressure changes. And symptoms area unit directly proportional to matured innervation/vital nerve fibers. Inflammation brings concerning tube changes (vasodilation, edema) that will increase native pressure, once the pressure crosses essential intrapolar pressure (as the pulp chamber is non-expandable) the pressure falls back on nerves thence […]

How to do flossing with braces?

Keeping your mouth and gums clean and healthy whereas undergoing treatment is difficult. Food and plaque will stand still around braces. albeit you’re carrying clear aligners, like Invisalign®, hygiene potency is additional vital than you would possibly suppose as you may be additional prone to gum sickness. it is important to stay on high of […]

Problem related to Jawbone because of tooth loss

Your Jawbone could Atrophy If you stone-broke your arm and were unable to use it for months, the muscle can possibly shrink a touch as a result of it hasn’t been getting used. Your jawbone is similar; if there aren’t any teeth, the jawbone shrinks. If you merely have one or 2 teeth missing, you’ll […]

Common side effects of wisdom teeth extraction

Having knowledge teeth is sort of common. The knowledge teeth will seem within the higher or mandibula. for a few folks, knowledge teeth are extraordinarily painful, except for some, it’s simply an additional tooth. Besides this, most often, the knowledge teeth don’t flee from the gums. If the knowledge teeth don’t cause any downside, you’ll […]

Dental Procedures for a Better Aesthetic

Dental Veneers Are you addressing issues regarding the form, color, or position of your teeth? If thus, dental veneers will create imperfections like gaps, broken teeth, and discoloration disappear. You’ll most frequently use them for your most visible front teeth. Dental veneers act as a permanent protect your teeth, and that they are often made […]

Braces side effects: Is it safe to do bracing for your teeth

Perhaps one among the foremost common queries relating to braces is whether or not or not they cause weakening of the enamel. the reality is that braces create the teeth move within the gums within the mouth throughout the complete treatment method. whereas they move, it doesn’t mean they’re going to lose or deteriorate in […]

Reshaping of teeth: Minor and Cosmic tooth reshaping

Reshaping and contouring may be an efficient however conservative approach to enhancing your smile however it will accompany its own set of benefits and downsides which require to be thought-about before crucial if this can be the optimum answer for you. Reshaping teeth will in some cases result in a very dramatically increased smile while […]

What is dental pulp and its two types?

Pulpitis is inflammation of the dental pulp or tissue within the center of a tooth. The dental pulp includes soft animal tissue, nerves, and therefore the blood provides for the tooth. Inside the innermost part of every tooth is a vicinity known as the pulp. Pulpitis could be a condition that causes painful inflammation of […]

Artificial teeth requirements and its materials

Introduction Chapters thirteen and fourteen have forbidden materials that area unit accustomed type the plate base and to line the fitting surface of the plate base. the opposite main parts of a plate area unit the factitious teeth themselves. The materials most generally used for producing artificial teeth area unit synthetic resin and ceramic ware. […]