Introduce associate degree open cup for beverages apart from breast milk or formula at age half-dozen months. Work toward a goal of not employing a bottle by age twelve to eighteen months. By this age, frequent bottle-feedings, particularly with juice or alternative high-sugar liquids, build a baby additional probably to develop dental caries. For additional info, see the subject ablactation.

Offer your kid nutrient foods, and mix them in ways in which facilitate scale back the danger for dental caries. for instance, provide meals that embrace whole grains, vegetables, and fruits. cheese and alternative cheeses, yogurt, and milk area unit sensible for teeth and build nice after-meal snacks. they assist clear the mouth of harmful sugars and defend against plaque. build a trial to rinse or brush your child’s teeth when he or she chow high-sugar foods, particularly sticky, sweet foods like raisins.

To prevent tooth decay:

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