Why the dental care is important for you?
Gum unwellness
Gum unwellness is one of every of the foremost common consequences of poor oral care and is most frequently the result of not removing plaque (a microorganism film that builds au fait and between teeth). Gum unwellness may result from poor diet, tobacco use, ill-fitting bridges or dentures, moreover as sure diseases like anemia, cancer and polygenic disease.

Dry Mouth
As antecedently explicit, xerostomia may be a fairly common aspect result of the many over-the-counter and prescription medications that a lot of seniors have to be compelled to take, moreover as different things like cancer treatments around the head and neck areas. Spit plays a key role because it keeps the mouth wet and prevents infections by limiting the number of microorganisms, fungi and viruses within the mouth.

Root Decay
Root decay is another common downside in older adults and maybe the result of many factors. Acidic foods wear away the enamel of our teeth, and as we tend to mature it’s common for the gums to recede (which is exacerbated by gum disease). As gums recede, tooth roots might become exposed, and since the roots don’t have a protecting enamel layer, they’re vulnerable to decay.

Ways to make your teeth strong:

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